How to Fight and WIN a Porn Torrent Lawsuit.

If you're visiting this page, it's probably because you have been accused of, and more importantly sued for, "illegally" downloading porn via BitTorrent.

This site is dedicated to helping you win the suit, without spending big bucks hiring a lawyer.

In the pages linked on the left, you will find copies of various documents, along with commentary on what you can expect.

Keep in mind one thing, these porn torrent lawsuits have become a cottage industry, with lawyers playing both sides of the aisle.

When I was first sued, after I read Plaintiff's Complaint, while I realized that their case had substantial evidentiary shortcomings, I was a bit apprehensive about fighting a Federal Lawsuit myself.

I tried to find an attorney to represent me but I discovered it's not that easy to find a lawyer for this type of thing. A Lawyer has to be admitted to practice in the Federal Court System, which limits who can represent you.

I did find one lawyer to represent me, but he wanted a $9,000 retainer, with the understanding that the dollar amount could go to $12,000 before the case was done.

Like anyone else facing a lawsuit like this, I turned to the internet for help finding a lawyer and I reached out to a firm famous for having beating Malibu Media, but I was shocked by what they told me. This firm, informed me that "they were not accepting any 'non-settlement' cases at this time".

That's when I realized what a huge scam these lawsuits have become. You have the lawyers that represent the pornographers, who bring lawsuits seeking enormous damages, based on illegally obtain and technically dubious evidence and you have the other lawyers that work the victims (defendants) of these lawsuits from the other side, by fleecing them of huge fees to represent them, all so that in the end to try and talk the defendant into settling the case for thousands of dollars.

I had no intention of doing any of the above and I decided to fight the lawsuit myself, take it all the way to a jury trial if I had to, and if I lost, spend the $800 or so it would cost to file for bankruptcy protection, but no matter what I was not going to give these bastards a dime.

As it turns out, it's fairly easy to beat this type of lawsuit as a Pro Se Defendant and in the pages linked on the right I will explain in detail how I did it.

I have also included all the documents I have, redacted of my personal information and water marked with this websites url, you are free to use them as a template to build your defense.

Depending how much traffic this website gets, I may eventually add https, a contact form and forums, so that Defendant's around the country can help each other fight and end these lawsuits, once and for all.

Thanks for visiting, and good luck!