On this page you will find Plaintiff's Interrogatories and my Responses

You will note that I didn't answer their questions, with the exception of the last one, which basically amounted to me slapping them in the face.

When you are served with these documents, remember you do not have to answer any of their questions; make their life as difficult as possible, the longer the case drags on the more expensive it gets.

The Interrogatories.

Answers to Interrogatories.

You will note I invoked every right I had, including:

The First Amendment Right to Free Speech, which includes the Right Not to Speak.

The Fourth Amendment.

The Fifth Amendment.

The Thirteenth Amendment protection against Involuntary Servitude.


Doctor / Patient Confidentiality.

Attorney / Client Privilage.

My Right to a jury instruction against Adverse Inference for invoking my Rights, as codified in The Supreme Court decision Carter v Kentucky.

Make no mistake, this is a street fight, they will come after you with every dirty trick they can, including threatening to talk to your neighbors (see Plaintiff's Disclosures); you have to respond in kind and hit them with everything and the kitchen sink.