The Letter Order

This is the order issued by the judge compelling your ISP to turn over your information.

Letter Order

The above letter is an order, issued by a Federal Judge, ordering your ISP to turn over your name and address to the Plaintiff's attorney.

When your ISP gets this order they have a limited time frame with which to comply.

Letter from ISP

This is the letter that your ISP sends you informing you that they have been served with a Letter Order and that they will turn over your information unless you contact them.

Letter from ISP

The first thing I did was contact the third party that handles these sort of requests for my ISP and engaged in stalling tactics. I told them that I was planning on hiring a lawyer and filing a Motion to Quash. In all honesty, I had not yet reached out to a lawyer and it's nearly impossible to file a Motion to Quash anonymously.

What Plaintiff's attorney will do is file a John Doe associated with some IP address lawsuit, then seek expedited discovery by serving a subpoena on your ISP compelling them to turn over your name and address.

What I was trying to do was wait the troll's attorney out; courts will typically only issue a limited number of extensions to the time they have to effectuate service after they file the lawsuit.

In my case the judge granted Plaintiff's attorney 3 extensions to effectuate service, by which time my ISP had turned over my information. The troll's attorney then amended the original complaint with my name and address and served my with the lawsuit.