On this page you will find Plaintiff's Attorney's second attempt to dismiss the case.

This one I agreed to.

Second offer to Dismiss

Second Proposed Court Order

This ended the case, the Judge signed the Order and it's over and done with.

I seriously considered not signing this one either, only because it says we drop all claims against one another, and I truly believe I had a strong lawsuit against them for illegally collecting evidence and abuse of process.

I also strongly believed that the Judge was going to invalidate their Copyright Registrations and I wanted to set a precedent that could be used to invalidate all of these guys Copyrights.

In the end, since I work 6 days a week and don't have the time and energy to make them pay the way I wanted to, I was content to take the victory and put the word out and help as many people as I can beat these trolls in case after case.