On this page you will find Plaintiff's Requests for Production and my Answers to the Requests.

As was the case with the Interrogatries, I didn't give them a thing.

The Requests for Production.

Answers to Requests.

Take a good look at these Requests, these guys want things like bank records for the past 4 years of every electronic purchase you made, an accounting of every visitor you had to your home, communications with your ISP, copies of all your internet bills; I had no intention of giving them a thing and you should not either.

There are numerous laws and legal principles that protect your privacy and the disclosure of the information they request and that applies to your hard drives as well.

Make them work for everything they demand and even if they do convince a judge to issue an Order compelling you to produce some or all of what they want, file an appeal, make it as expensive as possible for them to continue persuing the suit against you.