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One thing to keep in mind when fighting a suit like this is they do not play fair, they use unlicensed "investigators", based in another country, that do not comply with Federal and State laws and regulations governing the collection of evidence to use in a civil or criminal case.

Furthermore they can not possibly have valid copyrights to adult content, as I pointed out in my Motion to Dismiss Memorandum.

When preparing your defense, you will employ some basic tactics:

1) Attack the integrity of the evidence from all angles, including:

a) The veracity of the claims made about the evidence's accuracy.

b) The admissibility of the evidence due to it being collected in violation of various State and Federal laws.

2) Attack the competency and integrity of the "investigators" that collected the "evidence".

3) This one is your strongest weapon, attack the validity of the copyrights Plaintiffs claim they own. Your position will be that pornagraphy can not be copyrighted because it violates State and federal prostitution laws; in effect they depict a criminal act.

4) You will also make careful note of any misstatement or misrepresentation Plaintiff's attorney makes and you will use that to accuse him/her or violating his/her ethics.

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One last thing to remember, the more of a fight you put up, the more money they will have to spend fighting the case and the more likely they will give up

Here's an excerpt of the email the troll's attorney sent me:

In light of the expense of continuing to prosecute this contested matter, and based upon your testimony under penalty of perjury denying your participation in the infringement, my client is willing to dismiss this action, each party to bear their own fees and costs.

This right tell you all you need to know, despite all the chest pounding in the Complaint about protecting their intellectual property rights and content, what it really comes down to is money.

There is a threshold as to how much the local attorney is allowed to spend to pursue the case. Once it reaches the point where it becomes obvious that they will need to spend significant amounts of time and money to try and get a jury award, they will give up.

Think about it, in their Disclosures they threaten to call 2 witness from Germany and 1 from Florida as well as one of the owners of Malibu Media, your ISP and your neighbors as witnesses.

To fly in the 2 guys from Germany will probably cost them at least $10,000 in transportation, room and board as well as witness fees. The guy from Florida will probably be a few thousand by himself. Your ISP is likely to fight the subpoena, your neighbors may refuse to cooperate and that's not taking into account the reality that any competent Defendant will challenge the credentials of all the witnesses, challenge the evidence they collected on the grounds that they are not licensed to conduct investigations in your state and if they did have the courage to put the owner(s) of Malibu Media on the witness stand the first thing you would ask them is how they have valid Copyright Registrations when the production of their content violates California and Federal prostitution laws.

In fact, this last item is perhaps your strongest defense, in my Answers to Plaintiff's Request for Production I basically threatened to file criminal complaints against Plaintiffs for violating state and federal sex trafficking laws.

The key is not to be afraid to get dirty, this is a street fight, they will have no qualms about asking for statutory damages which can be up to $150,000 for each movie, which in my case would have been nearly 2 million dollars, for a supposed "lose" that has a retail "value" of less than $150; they sell 1 year subscriptions for $100 with unlimited downloads and the claimed infringement they accused me of last 16 months.

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